What is this place?…

This, my friends, is the Painted World of Music. A mysterious place, where magic is made, and distant worlds come to life in musical pieces. A place where you can enjoy my musings as they come along. Who am I? Well, I’m your host of course! The painter, the artist, your guide.. I will take you along with me, as I journey to various worlds, and paint their colors with music. This place is your doorway to these worlds, where you can follow along as my paintings take shape. Heck, I even welcome you to chime in! Share your thoughts as I share mine.

How and why?

I will regularly update this site with updates regarding the various projects I take on, with articles about the challenges one faces when writing music, or attempts a creative endeavor in general. One can listen to- and read about the various stages of a musical piece as it comes along, from concept to final product.

Every stage of a project will be covered, the concept phase, the create-evaluate-adjust cycle that follows, the production of a piece (making it audible), post-production (mixing/mastering) and finally the completion of the piece and a final evaluation.

With each update, be it on the project page, or on my blog, I invite you, the reader/listener, to tell me what you think, so that I can take this feedback with me to the studio as the project comes along.

Who am I?

My name is Michael de Jong. In 2005 I started an education in “applied composition” at the HKU in the Netherlands. Applied composition basically amounts to composing music to support another medium (film, theatre, commercial, etc). In 2009 I finished this education and got my European Master degree (EMMA) in Composition in Context. During, and after, my education I specialized in writing music for theatre. After workking in this field for a number of years, a variety of reasons caused me to lose interest and other things began taking up my time. In 2014 my hands started itching again, and I missed writing music. Circumstance hasn’t changed enough for me to once again be able to return to the professional field of writing music for theatre, so I found another way; this site! This is the place where I can share my music and ideas with anyone and everyone, and anyone and everyone is free to chime and help me grow as a composer.

Enjoy your stay!

– Michael de Jong

Portret (zwart-wit)