The Dark Souls Project!


The very first Project page is live!

I’ve taken some time to setup my very first Project page – The DARK SOULS Symphonic Story project!

This page will gather all the updates regarding the Symphonic Story project. This is where you can find all the latest updates, it’s where audio samples will be filed, where milestone tracks can be heard and listened to as often as you like, it’s where you want to be if you’re a Dark Souls fan!

In the upcoming days I will continue to fill my now-slightly-less-barebones-site with content so keep a close eye on my blog! I will tell you how the Dark Souls project came to be, what the thoughts behind the piece are and how I plan on going forward writing the piece!

Don’t hesitate to head over to the project page and give the current milestone track (50%!) a listen and let me know what you think. Dark Souls fan or not, you may find the music to your liking anyway. It’s a nice orchestral piece with a very dark undertone and a slow but steady build up. Right now the piece is still very much in “inspiration only”  form, meaning that it’s a lot of theme exposition and not a lot of development, but I’m aware of this and I will go into greater detail in upcoming posts.

Stay tuned!

p.s. If Dark Souls doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry, there are a lot more projects on the way, ssshhhh…. 😉