Birth of a Blog


Welcome to the Painted World of Music!

First of all, let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Michael de Jong, and I have a hobby. That hobby is composing music that is inspired by (digital) art, movies and games.

I created this website so I could share my music and get other people involved in my creative process! The site is still very barebones now, but I will be sure to make it grow steadily. In due time, this place will be your musical home away from home, where you can listen to the music that, in a way, you helped create, and where you can immerse yourself in music that is now yet to be written.  Be sure to stick around and be a part of the process!

I will regularly post updates concerning pieces I am writing, and in these posts I will detail decisions I’ve made, why I’ve made them, give samples of before/after and generally keep you in the loop of how the piece is coming along! Most importantly, I do this so I can get as many perspectives¬†and opinions as possible so I can take this feedback back the to the workplace and update the composition real-time with feedback that you, the listener/reader, have given me.

In this way I hope to create some truly extraordinary pieces of music that everyone can agree on, best convey the feelings/atmosphere of the pieces of art that inspired the musical piece in the first place.

Don’t be shy! Let’s paint this world together!

As a teaser, I’ve included a track in this post that I’m working on right now. Interested in knowing more? Stick around, the next post will explain its origins.